life groups

Life Groups are small communities of people that meet during the week to grow their relationship with one another and with God as they live out the gospel together.

Do I have to go to CWC to attend a Life Group?

NO! We welcome anyone to join a Life Group; feel free to invite a friend to come with you.

Do I need to know a lot about the Bible to attend?

No, a Life Group is a safe place to for individuals to learn and grow together through group discussion. People are at various points in their relationship with God and knowledge of the Bible. We believe that is what makes the time spent together rich and enjoyable for all.

How long does a Life Group last?

A Life Group typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

The new season of Life Groups will be starting soon!

Email Sarah Starkey for more information

prime time

This is a group that meets once a month, usually on the third Thursday unless otherwise stated in the church bulletin. The purpose of these meetings is to establish fellowship and camaraderie between people in this age group (50+) and to care for and pray for one another. This group also has the privilege of contributing to the growth and welfare of the church through visitation and financial and beneficial activities. We serve at funeral dinners, church functions and volunteer as needed.

Throughout the year we plan trips, dinners, and a variety of activities that will be announced. We strive to leave a legacy of service and holiness that will encourage generations that will follow.

"For age is opportunity...

no less than youth itself...

though in another dress;

  And as evening twilight slips away, 

The sky is filled with stars, invisible by the day..."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Project Fitness

Every other Saturday @ 7:30 am w/ Mandy Cecil


Project Fitness is a fitness community geared towards people that have lives and commitments outside of the gym but still want to be fit and healthy. All proceeds go to CWC Missions!!