CWC Kids



We are excited to have your children join us in CWC Kids! With all that excitement comes a great deal of responsibility that we, as a Ministry Team, take very seriously.

Here are the most recent updates/guidelines that we are adhering to:

We are now providing only one check-in station in order to maintain the best flow for families through the church building. Our check-in station has been moved right outside the double doors to the sanctuary! Check-in is required to enter into the children's ministry.

Parent & Child Name Tags
During check-in you will receive one parent tag and one child tag. Please keep your parent tag in a safe place during service, as you will need this to pick your child up. This is very important for the safety of your child while they are in our care.

Temperature Checks
Your child's temperature will be taken at the Check-In Station by the double doors by the foyer. If your child has a temperature of 99.6 or above, we will respectfully decline the entrance of your child into the children's ministry for that day.

Contact Information
We know many things have changed over this season and want to be sure we have your immediate contact information correct in our system. When checking in, you will be asked to confirm your phone number. If ever there were a need to contact you during a service, this is the first point of contact we will utilize.


Face Masks
Every child ages 4+ are required to wear a face mask at all times. If your child needs a mask when you arrive, please ask one of our friendly Check-In Leaders when you check your child in!

6 Feet Apart
Our AMAZING volunteer team is prepared to do their best at keeping your children 6' apart from one another. Please note that all classrooms have a plan of action for keeping your children safe at all times.

Classroom Cleanliness
Every classroom is provided with all disinfecting materials and gloves to provide the most cleanly space for your children. Volunteers will be cleaning during and after each service.

Classroom Materials
Every child ages 2+ will receive their own personal ziploc bag with age-appropriate class materials when doing any hands-on activity. These bags will be labeled, kept in our care during the week and given back to the appropriate child the next time they join us!


Nursery (Birth - 3 Years Old)

The CWC nursery is a safe, loving, and learning environment for newborns and children, up to two years old. In the nursery the basic principles of God's love are demonstrated by the way our volunteer staff cares for and plays with the children.   All CWC Kids leaders have background checks and are approved to care for your child.

Little League (4 year olds-Kindergarten)

  Our Little League kids love to experience Jesus on their level with creative Bible stories, fun songs and simple crafts that reinforce the truths of God's Word.  All activities are planned with the understanding that our preschoolers experience Jesus' love best by touching, smelling, seeing, hearing and wiggling!  All CWC Kids leaders have background checks and are approved to care for your child.

Minor League (1st - 3rd Grade)

The transition to elementary school brings greater independence.  We help our kindergarteners and first and second graders look at Jesus' example, found in the Bible, as they learn how to make wise choices and build friendships.   Minor League is a great space for our kids to still have lots of fun while growing in their faith!  All CWC Kids leaders have background checks and are approved to care for your child. 

Major League ( 4th - 5th Grade)

Our Major League environment is designed with preteens in mind!  Our third through fifth graders will discover how to apply what they learn in the Bible to their daily life experiences with their parents and peers.  There will be crazy games, lively music and opportunities to not only hear Bible stories, but to talk about these truths with their peers and small group leaders.  All CWC Kids leaders have background checks and are approved to care for your child.